How to match shirt skirts, small literary matching skills

How do you wear literary fans in the summer? More and more girls are participating in literary fans. In the summer, it is actually the best way to create a sense of literature and art. Many dresses have their own literary significance, let us take a look.


Floral cotton dress

When it comes to literary and artistic sense, this floral fabric long skirt is definitely the first choice. First of all, on the fabric, cotton and linen fabrics tend to have a more literary feel. The pure white base fabric is scattered with small Floral, temperament burst, far away is the feeling of a painting, the art is generous.


British Plaid Shorts

The second item is an English style plaid shorts. The plaid element is also essential for shaping the literary fan. Compared with the quietness of the skirt, the literary feeling of the trousers is more retro style and looks very elegant. It is especially elegant with the berets and large-frame glasses that are necessary for the above-mentioned literary girls.


Temperament leisure suit

Finally, it is a casual suit. This suit is also very beautiful. The suit is often easier to shape the literary style than the single one. The uniform color suit here will make your collocation more intense, and the delicate leather shoes on the feet. Pushing the literary wind to the top, making the whole look avant-garde and refined.

Small fresh literary fan wear


Comfortable and breathable cotton linen, very skin-friendly in summer, short-sleeved T-shirt with upper body, loose T-shirt with a skirt, white with light brown, the picture is very clean and pure, put on these two The product looks small and fresh and literary.


2019 is the “pig” year, the choice of shirt T-shirt should also be added to the cartoon pig pattern, the original ordinary white T-shirt has become interesting, lively, T-shirt with denim shorts are the basic models, this summer Re-interpreted as a small fresh literary style, stepping on a pair of light and versatile white shoes can be beautiful!


In the closet, there is still a shirt that is suitable for commuting to work. How do you wear a different style of shirt now? In fact, it’s really simple. Choose a shirt with a new style this summer, such as this short and long five-point sleeve blue. Color shirts, at first glance, feel different, super personality. Such a novel blue shirt, want to wear a small fresh literary style can be worn with a khaki skirt, the length of the skirt is only to the knee, such length and mix is ​​most casual and fashionable.


Bib pants can also wear the style recommended by today’s Xiaobian. As we all know, the bib is very age-reducing, and it is relatively simple to match. The T-shirt that is the most indispensable in summer can be matched with it. If you want to look trendy, take a T-shirt with a printed design. The combination of the upper body highlights the cute side of the playful, and also needs a pair of retro shoes to match, go out to travel and then come to a simple design without losing the design of the straw hat to concave shape, easily wear a small and fresh atmosphere of literature.


Summer is the most seasoned season in the four seasons. Be sure to pick a pleasant color band to drive the active cells of the whole body. It is very beautiful like yellow. A light yellow striped T-shirt with a warm yellow skirt on the lower body, the little fairies can get the desired effect from the color. The white shoes are versatile and look good, with this simple and unobtrusive. Combing a pair of ponytails, which is the fairy fairy.


Black T-shirts can be worn in a small fresh literary style. Don’t look at most of the matching colors are biased towards light tones, but black is less challenging and therefore more eye-catching. Choose a V-neck design T-shirt with a striped skirt, a pair of black pointed straps and single shoes, it looks slim, and the overall appearance is also small and fresh literature, the matching of the straw hat is essential.