Summer skirt pays attention to four points to get the beauty of the skirt

Summer is always the best match with the beautiful fairy dress, but there are also many minefields to wear in the skirt, otherwise you will become fat and change your body in seconds. So today I will share with you the “four do not” rule of wearing a skirt. Only when you get the correct opening method of the skirt, can you be truly beautiful and slim!

Summer skirt

First, don’t ignore the high waist line

Everyday dressing must not neglect the creation of the waistline. Therefore, the key to wearing a skirt is to create a high waistline. Otherwise, even if the footsteps hate the sky, it will not be able to avoid the sense of “five-five-scores” and it will not look enough. Spiritually neat. There is also this waistless loose dress that has always been popular with the micro-fat star. You are full of joy and think that it can perfectly hide the meat, but in fact it will only aggravate the visual horizontal widening.

Summer skirt

Second, the skirt should not be too tight

Although the above mentioned skirt type should not be too loose, but too tight skirts please do not blindly confident challenge. Because the tight skirt has very strict requirements for every part of our body. Unless your body is really exquisite enough, the tight skirt can play its role to help you wear a deadly attraction, otherwise it will only further enlarge your body defects.

Summer skirt

Third, the skirt should not be too strict

Many fairies still have such a misunderstanding of dressing – as long as the clothes are wrapped tight enough, you can hide all the annoying flesh of your body. The more you wrap, the more you will make your model more cumbersome and more inconspicuous. In fact, the proper skin design can make your skirt look more summery, and the slimming effect is also amazing.

Summer skirt

Fourth, the pattern style should not be too complicated

The reason why many people’s dresses look for a cheap feeling, in the final analysis, is that the style of the skirt is too complicated and fancy. Although there are a variety of small skirts full of flowers, the old and beautiful big prints such as the following are not easily accessible to Asians. Even though they are beautiful, they are also dressed in the village. The style design of the skirt should not be too complicated, not only the difficulty of driving, but also the temperament of the whole person will be greatly reduced.

Summer skirt

Ten super nice dresses that make you look beautiful all summer

Good summer is coming, walking down the street to attract eyeballs, in addition to sexy wear, you can try the super fairy fairy skirt, the first look makes people feel too beautiful and too sweet, here carefully selected 10 super The beautiful fairy dresses definitely makes you feel excited!

1, white off-the-shoulder lace dress

lace dress

First of all, I recommend this year’s special fire mesh skirt. This suspender dress is very elegant in color, but it has a special retro sense of sensation. The neckline is very friendly to the flat-chested girl. The off-shoulder design is more suitable for the upper body. Less girls, the skirt is a puffy effect, really cute and cute, but also very coverless, completely not fat.

2, pink chiffon strap dress

 strap dress

The recommended suspender dress is also very beautiful. The color is very pink and misty pink. It has very little female feeling. The gentle and age-reducing effect is very good. The fabric is very comfortable and elegant chiffon fabric, which is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the design of the tube top is very simple and fascinating. The pleated and high-waisted design is slim and proportioned, and the waistline is raised.

3, floral dress dress

 floral dress

The floral skirt has been on fire for a long time, but the style of many floral skirts is really cheesy. The floral dress dress recommended today is not tacky, the upper body is very temperament, the thin shoulder strap is matched with the small v-neck. The design of the neckline is just sexy, and it has a special holiday feeling. It is suitable to wear a photo. The girl who is afraid of drying can wear a thin sunscreen shirt. The skirt is also the design of the cake skirt. Popular styles are more layered.

4, apricot waist strap dress

strap dress

In the summer, the strap dress is really not too much, when wearing a single temperament, you can also stack a variety of small jackets, the last recommended this dress is really super gentle and temperament, too fairy, the color is very The white and temperament apricot color, the shoulder strap is the design of the V-necked mesh on both sides, tied to a beautiful bow according to their own needs, very design, the upper body is crumpled design, waist The design is very attractive, and the length of the long skirt is very beautiful.

5, rural wind floral dress

floral dress

This floral dress has an idyllic feel when worn on the body. The girl who turns the circle in the garden is visually pleasing. The floral pattern is very small and fresh, very rustic, the sleeve is the length of the three-quarter sleeve, thin The fabric of the yarn will not be boring, the edge of the neckline is very sweet and the edge of the lotus leaf, and then paired with a pair of Mary Jane shoes, it is really beautiful, and the style is very special and will not hit the street.

6, grass green platy skirt

 platy skirt

The small fresh green is really suitable for wearing in the summer. This green grass dress is very small and fresh, and the design of the large neckline reveals the white skin on the chest. The design of the lotus leaf sleeve is very sweet. And the length of the cuff is to the elbow, the girl who is more fleshy on the arm is very friendly, the slimming effect is super good, and the sleeve can be pulled down as a collar to wear.

7, a collar lace dress

lace dress

The recommended fairy dress is very suitable for small girls to wear, it is very petite and cute, the pattern is very cute love, the design of the puff sleeves is also very sweet and playful, and can also cover the flesh of the arm. The neckline will not be too low, don’t worry about going out when you bend over. This length is best for small people to wear, not at all.

8, Hepburn style shoulder dress

 shoulder dress

Isn’t this popular French style Hepburn this year? This dress has a special feeling of Hepburn, full of French retro, it is also very suitable for the length of a small man. The color of white, without any pattern, clean and sweet feeling, and the wild is not picking people, the design of the buckle is more silky design, simple and charming, just like the feeling of the goddess Hepburn.

9, slim chiffon dress

chiffon dress

Next recommended fairy skirt, very suitable for girls with good shape to wear, the rate of return is absolutely very high, the color is Xiaobian very like the raspberry red, white and advanced color, and very impressive, slim design is very Highlights the body, the chest is big, the little chest girl can also start, it is very feminine to wear, chiffon fabric is very thin and light, suitable for summer climate.

10, lace puff sleeve dress

 sleeve dress

The last recommended fairy dress, the surface is all lace fabric, the inner layer is a naked sleeping chiffon fabric, the superimposed looks like a light pink, very white color, small v-neck is suitable for conservative Fairies, the A-shaped skirt design is very decorative, very friendly to the girl with a pear shape. It is absolutely beautiful to wear this fairy skirt to take an art photo.